UNEMPLOYMENT: The Wisconsin Way

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A podcast that takes a hard look at the Unemployment crisis in Wisconsin.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. How We REALLY Feel (Guest: Ashley Green) - Episode 8

    In this episode I'm joined by the amazing Ashley Green, a co-founder of the Wisconsin Unemployment ACTION Group and the Wisconsin Unemployment Advocates page, both on Facebook.  We really go all in on today's hot topics in the unemployment world and take our turn sharing our own personal opinions on ...


  2. The Adjudicators - Episode 7

    In this episode I share a call with my so called adjudicator to attempt to clear an issue that has been assigned to claimed weeks of my PUA claim.  It's exhausting.  These people have "no idea" and really don't care about the people that are actually affected by their careless ...


  3. Barriers to Bills . . . Dollar Bills - Episode 6

    In this episode I go hot and heavy on the most RIDICULOUS question in the weekly claims reporting process "During the week, did you attend school anytime between the hours of 7am and 5pm, M-F?"  This question has been used to deny and delay claims for up to 19 weeks ...


  4. Aiming at The Banicki - Episode 5

    The systematic disaster at the Wisconsin DWD Unemployment Division is directly linked to the mishandling and tyranical leadership of Amy Banicki. After being called out about her failures she began clearing claims behind closed doors and without any preferance to order in processing.  She needs to go and she needs ...


  5. The "Help" - Episode 4

    The Rep's and Dem's have ended the silence and help is on the way!  Or not . . .  This episode discusses the insanity that is the Republican proposal of a loan program for claimants waiting for their benefits and a dead in the water Democatic package that stinks of sour ...